026- Angel Fix, by Raccoona Sheldon, 1974


026- Angel Fix, by Raccoona Sheldon, 1974

"Wherein good guys get all the unclean matter."

Ruiz Tremello & Marguerite are on the island of Treppenwitz, Japan, and discussing the 1974 short story, "Angel Fix" by Raccoona Sheldon (aka, James Tiptree Jr., aka, Alice Hastings Sheldon).

"Angel Fix" features an alien who's casually passing by Earth, when he notices that we're having some troubles and he stops by to offer some help. "How benevolent of him," you may be thinking, and you are definitely correct; because as usually, nothing can possibly go wrong or be amiss.

Alice Hastings Bradly wrote under several pseudonyms including most famously, "James Tiptree Jr". This is the first of her works that Ruiz Tremello has ever read and he wants to read more, and encourages you to do the same.