025- Growing Season, by F.L. Wallace, 1961


Episode: 25
Title: Growing Season
Author: F.L. Wallace
Year: 1959
Featuring: Ruiz Tremello & Marguerite

025- Growing Season, by F.L. Wallace, 1959

Wherein a boy genius hallucinates and conspiratorializes!

Ruiz Tremello & Marguerite are in the Casserole Islands, sailing across the Pacific and headed for Japan, discussing the 1961 novella, "Growing Season" by F.L. Wallace.

This story concerns a boy genius plant mechanic/psychologist who spends a fair amount of time being paranoid. Ruiz in particular enjoyed this story, as it reminds him of his time among the French Foreign Legion.

F.L. Wallace (1915-2004) was a mechanical engineer who published numerous short stories and novellas apparently all between 1951 and 1960. If anyone wants to help fill in the missing years of his biography, his Wikipedia entry is insufferably short, and his entry on the SF Encyclopedia is missing several of his works, including this one, "Growing Season".

Quick apology: Ruiz accidentally credits the year on "Growing Season" as 1961. This is an error, as it was actually 1959. Our apologies to all who are negatively affected by this unfortunate incident.

Pictured: the inside cover of “The Frozen Planet”. To view the cover, please consult episode 018, “The Frozen Planet” - and to see the back of the tome, check episode 019!