004- Lucky Starr & The Big Sun of Mercury, by Isaac Asimov, 1956


Episode 4
Title: Lucky Starr & The Big Sun of Mercury
Author: Isaac Asimov
Year: 1956
Featuring: Ruiz Tremello & Marguerite

Wherein a plucky investigator and his violent Martian best friend face Death Worms, Robots, and Intrigue on the planet Mercury


Ruiz Tremello & Marguerite are in Snowcone Mountain, Brazil (real place, fake name) and discussing "Lucky Starr & The Big Sun of Mercury" by Isaac Asimov. Featuring a homicidal robot, political intrigue, and two "best friends", this novel was originally published under the name "Paul French", in part because Isaac Asimov didn't really want to sign his name to it (backstory contained within the episode).

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