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4-14-2018 - RT

Dear Fan Club Members:
This is not a cult, and we are not interested in forming a commune. Please stop painting portraits of Marguerite and I together arm-in-arm, marching across the globe of Earth like conquering heroes, and then mailing the portraits to us en masse. To be honest, most of the art is insipid. The style of your paintings makes a mockery of Pop Art, with generic color schemes and uninspiring mottos. All paintings received will henceforth be cast into the roaring flames of our Permanent Fireboat (the boat on our back pond that's been on fire for seven weeks and counting) and if the Permanent Fireboat ever sinks, all further paintings will be equally sunk.

Reminder: Fan Club dues are due on June 1st, and as usual, the cost is going up by a significant margin. This time they will be $2,100AUS, to be sent to our account in Nauru.