September 8th, 2019 - RzT

My apologies for being absent all of August. We are an unprofessional lot, as per our standard, and as such, sometimes we miss a few episodes. In this case, three. We’ll be more consistent for the remainder of Season 2, though, and (as usual) we’ll end it with a Jack Vance Christmas Special! I’m looking forward to that one, because Jack Vance. :)

We’ve got a lot of wonderful feedback from our listeners, and many of you are quite kind. Being introverts, Social Media isn’t something that Marguerite and I truly revel in like a lot of other Podcasters. That may be to our detriment, but we don’t make this Podcast for a living, we make it for the joy of hearing and sharing great stories. That means that we’ll always strive to be authentic: but that authenticity can also include procrastination or interruptions to our schedule based on anything from poor planning to surprise derailments. On the bright side, we did a lot of hiking this summer, but that’s ancillary. The Everett Hiking Podcast doesn’t exist (yet) and we won’t spam it on this channel once it does. ;)

March 23rd, 2019 - RzT

We have over 1,100 books in our humble little library, and I’m still discovering new and amazing authors. Tomorrow’s episode, “026- Angel Fix, by Raccoona Sheldon, 1974”, features the first short story that I’ve ever read by Raccoona Sheldon (aka, James Tiptree Jr., aka, Alice Hastings Sheldon), and it was a lot of fun. The experience made me reflect on all the authors that I’m reading for the first time specifically because of the Podcast; people like Bertram Chandler (#25), Clifford D. Simak (#19), and Robert Murphy (#9) are authors that I used to overlook because I preferred novels over short stories, and avoided short story collections. I found them inconsistent (and still do) but also didn’t fully appreciate the Art of the Short Story, and the way that a 20-page narrative can be rich in detail and world-building while also be enjoyed in a single sitting. I used to have a love of epics, enjoying all three “Gormenghast” novels and then jumping straight into “Anathem”, but those days are sadly done… The podcast demands more short stories, and my reading habits must comply; but it’s no burden (even though I’ve got the Southern Reach Trilogy in my queue). Thanks to short stories, I’m discovering new writers constantly, and searching them out online and at secondhand book stores, and though this phase of my reading life is new, I’m enjoying its variety.

- March 1st, 2019 - RzT & M

Ruiz Tremello & Marguerite’s 11 Rules for PROPER Living:
1) If you think a robot is evil based on its behaviour, it is most certainly evil. Just because it’s being evasive and vaguely threatening without actually being threatening; OR effusive with praise, that doesn’t mean you should trust it. Your suspicions are most likely valid. Dispatch the AI with haste.
#2- Remove the head, make sure it’s dead. This is true for ALL battles with all threatening life forms. If the head is removed and the body is still attacking you, fight back (of course) and remove as many limbs as necessary, then burn, preferably with an incendiary. If the head is still alive after removal, if it is no longer a threat, feel free to display it on a shelf, regardless of its continually hurled insults.
III. Don’t trust any creature whose entire backstory is delivered the first time you meet them. If it isn’t an NPC, then you’re guaranteed to be dealing with a rogue element not worthy of trust.
Four: Cats are your allies in all battles; trust them, for the universe speaks through them, sort of: Wild cats are just as likely to attack you as embrace you, just like the universe.
5; Ensure flamethrowers are part of your Basic Kit. Beyond basic uses such as starting fires, they are magnificent during situations requiring crowd control.
SIXTH, Speaking of your Basic Kit, always keep a Basic Kit handy. Stock it with weapons, food, water, currency, literature, survival gear, and many, many other objects.
seven) Now that you have a Basic Kit, keep a Battle Kit ready for any battles you might face.
8, There’s no such thing as Unicorns, but there ARE Siberian Unicorns. Have you seen those? We befriended one once, and it gifted us with tolerance.
#IX. Don’t ever volunteer to be the guinea pig for anything; not a clinic trial, not a new technology, and definitely not new biotech implants that record your dreams and let you play them back but then they take on a life of their own and you can’t escape them and if you die in your dreams you die in real life.
j) Information is more important that intuition. Seek out more data

- 2/10/2019 - RzT

My goodness this blog is dusty. But: we’re back for Season 2, as of right now! Marguerite and I spent the last month and a half doing battle with a malevolent AI, and now we’re preparing for another world tour, providing Turing Tests to find out if Your AI is sentient, and if so, if it wants to kill you.

Seriously though, Season 1 was a blast, and we’re both very grateful for all our listeners, and the feedback we’ve received. We try not to make a lot of noise urging people to like/share/review/subscribe, but we are grateful for those who do. <3

- 4/29/2018 - RzT

Episode 003 has been posted, featuring "Time Locker" by Henry Kuttner, published in 1943. Now that episode 3 is up, we'll be entering our standard bi-weekly schedule, with episode 004 premiering on Sunday, May 13th! Please note however, despite our bi-weekly schedule, we'll still be doing weekly episodes from time to time, such as for multi-part episodes or seasonal events like Christmas, World Badger Day, or New Beers Eve

- 4/18/2018 - M

My hero.

- 4/15/2018 - M

Congratulations! Our Facebook page is now alive and definitely not sentient.

We're ready to start booking your faces... Our faces... Everyones faces.


- 4/14/2018 - RzT

Dear Fan Club Members:
This is not a cult, and we are not interested in forming a commune. Please stop painting portraits of Marguerite and I together arm-in-arm, marching across the globe of Earth like conquering heroes, and then mailing the portraits to us en masse. To be honest, most of the art is insipid. The style of your paintings makes a mockery of Pop Art, with generic color schemes and uninspiring mottos. All paintings received will henceforth be cast into the roaring flames of our Permanent Fireboat (the boat on our back pond that's been on fire for seven weeks and counting) and if the Permanent Fireboat ever sinks, all further paintings will be equally sunk.


- 3/17/2018 - RzT is now live! Welcome to Our New Home On The Internet
We are not trolls, nor are we fictional. Contrary to rumors to the contrary, we literally do exist. Soon these pages will contain more content.