Host Biographies


Dancing cat


Found floating near the banks of the Niger River, Marguerite was raised by a friendly but narcissistic pack of wild cats. Her adolescence was otherwise unremarkable. She eventually met Ruiz Tremello at a second hand bookstore while they were both looking for Jack Vance novels. An epic kungfu-esque sword battle ensued over the last copy of The Moon Moth. Incredible destruction was wrought upon the city but a life long love affair bloomed. They then started their own business giving Turing Tests to pesky sentient hungry digital creations.  


Ruiz tremello

Born in the Flinders District of Megacity Carpenteria in the year 2753, Ruiz Tremello grew up in squallor and filth, daydreaming of life among the eastern ziggurats. Traveling to Samarkand via train, he spent fifteen years wandering Bactria before founding the world's most boring stationary store. One insurance scam / store fire later, and he traveled across the Southern Ocean to get his revenge on a rogue AI, saving the human race. Then, he met Marguerite and they lived happily ever after. Or did they?