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Ruiz Tremello & Marguerite are currently on a world tour, traveling spontaneously from city to city as they administer Turing Tests to prospective Artificial Intelligence's; but at the end of the day there's nothing they love more than curling up in front of a roaring fire and talking about classic Science Fiction and Fantasy stories.

The Everett Book Club Podcast plays host to their discussions, where Ruiz tells Marguerite about a story he's recently read. With an eye for more obscure or out-of-print tales, the Everett Book Club aims to entertain while bringing attention to classic stories from the past that may have been forgotten. Stories are chosen only if they were written before 1980, and are by authors who (for the most part) don't get the attention they deserve or have been forgotten over time.

What kinds of stories do we discover?
Anything Science Fiction and Fantasy published before 1980! That being said however, there are a few limitations.
     Firstly, we try to avoid currently popular authors; you won't see any Arthur C. Clarke or Ray Bradbury around these parts. What constitutes "popular" is difficult to really judge, but our goal is to let you know about authors who may have been forgotten and haven't been adapted into current culture. Sadly, that also means no Phillip K. Dick, though we may make an exception someday for one of his lesser-known or collaborative works. We'll also make exceptions for popular authors if the story we're visiting was originally published under a different name.
      Secondly, we won't review any Jack Vance, because he's the absolute #1 favorite author of Ruiz Tremello & Marguerite both. As much as we'd love to bring some Jack Vance stories to the masses, we both hold his works in such high regard that we would not dare sully one of his tales with our off-color brand of insouciance.

This Podcast will contain foul language and spoilers, and if we're lucky, sex, violence, nudity, and triggers. Listener discretion is preferred.

All images on this website and story content used in the Podcast are done so under the terms of Fair Use for the purposes of Review or Satire.